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Issue with garage door spring is the common problem that everybody is complaining about- because the life line of any average spring is max up-to five years. It might seem easy to give an attempt to replace or repair by own, but it is quite a vicious task which can cause a severe injury. Every garage door has a discrete spring that you may not be aware of but we are pretty well-versed with all types of spring replace and installation process with utmost safety. Safety with us doesn’t mean only quality or smooth installation but taking all precautionary measures just to avoid any unwanted accidents. We are not only replacing one garage door spring (if only one spring breaks), we replace both, because it won’t take too much to tear off another spring. No matter what is the size of your door, or weight we have every kind of spring available with us. Our springs are high quality, durable and come with the lifetime warranty. If in case, in the future spring won’t work properly, or have a crack or breakage our professionals will fix it without charging any fees.

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At Phoenix Choice, we don’t use any sales pitch, or techniques to sell something or offer you irrelevant services that’re not useful at all. We fix your garage door springs and lubricate all components for proper functioning. We understand your time and privacy matters, our garage door spring replace/installation process is quick, with no interruption in your schedule or without creating any kind of nuisance. While working with you we don’t only look after repairing or replacing doors spring but also make sure that hinges, cables and other important parts are working flawlessly.

In case you need an estimated budget for this whole repair and installation spring thing, our expert will come, measure and identify your needs and can give you the free estimate.

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